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Yahoo mail not working in Outlook 2019?
almost 2 years ago

Yahoo mail is a great emailing service that can be used in third-party clients like Outlook that can help the users to manage their emails easily, thus saving them a lot of time. You can even restore deleted Yahoo mail contacts easily when working in Outlook.


In today's blog, we will be talking about the simple ways to fix when the Yahoo mail is not working with Outlook which also leads to the Yahoo mail not sending emails error.


Ways to fix Yahoo mail not working in Outlook

  1. Check the status of the servers- this should be the first thing that you do if you experience this error as most of the time, users look for other errors without evening thinking about the servers of the email service. The best way to solve this by checking the status of the servers every time before you try to work with your email. Just simply visit any third-party website like the down detector and check the status. If they are back up, then you can go back to work, and if not then you will have to wait until the servers are back up again.
  2. Check the internet connection- having a strong and stable internet connection is very important as you may not be able to access your email account because of the loading problem if your internet is giving you problems. You can try to change your internet provider or you can try to fix the current one to resolve this error.

You can use these two steps to fix this error with ease.

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