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How to Fix Outlook 553 Server Error?
almost 2 years ago

Outlook is the third-party email client that can be used to manage several email account of different email clients all in one place. However, we came across several errors while using Outlook.


Outlook 553 error occurs when the outgoing mail server does not recognize the recipient’s email address. It occurs when you are away from the office and tries to send an email using the office’s email address with the extension not recognized by SMTP and it does not authenticate it. So, to fix Outlook error 553 you can turn off SMTP Authentication, set the SMTP port number to 587, and change the secure password authentication (SPA).


Creating Outlook Account

In order to Create an Outlook Email Account, follow these simple steps:


  1. Open Outlook desktop software.
  2. Click on “Files” and then “Add account”
  3. Enter the email address you want to create an account for, in Outlook 365, and for older versions enter your name, email address, and password and then click “Next”
  4. If shown, enter your password and select OK.
  5. Lastly, click “Finish” to end the process and your account is created.


Changing Outlook Password

Following is the process to Change Outlook Password:


  1. Visit the “Microsoft Account Security” and choose “Password Security”.
  2. You will have to verify your identity, so you will receive a security code on your phone number or email.
  3. Then, enter that code and click the “Submit” button.
  4. Lastly, enter your current password and new password and save the changes.
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